One of the foundations of our company culture is giving back. As a faith-based organization, SalesStaff (SureMeeting is a product of The Sales Staff, LLC) remains committed to helping our community and others around the world through philanthropy and volunteerism. We take great joy in sharing our success with the less fortunate through charitable programs and initiatives.

Leads for Needs

Leads for Needs is SalesStaff’s primary charitable program, where every month different non-profits receive support commensurate with company performance.

The idea for the program took shape when former SalesStaff’s Bryan Brorsen was having a dialogue with a long-time customer whose son suffered a prenatal stroke. Thankfully, in this child’s case, his parents were able to get him extensive therapy and he is recovering as a result.

Many children aren’t as fortunate, and SalesStaff was introduced to a charity where donations would directly fund therapy for children affected by prenatal or childhood stroke. SalesStaff organized a successful charity drive in short order, which led to the decision for SalesStaff to commit to a similar monthly charity drive – and Leads for Needs was born.

Some of the wonderful organizations’ Leads for Needs has supported include:

  • Angel Reach – Supporting teenagers that are no longer eligible for foster care
  • Kids Meals – Keeping bellies full by providing meals to preschool children who would otherwise not have a meal
  • Helping Hand Today – Helping people with immediate needs in times of family emergency
  • Tebow Cure Center – Treating third-world children with debilitating medical conditions
  • The Special Olympics – Supporting special needs children in the spirit of athletic competition
  • Reese’s Rainbow – Providing support to parents that seek to adopt children affected by Downs Syndrome
  • Child Advocates of Fort Bend – Deploying specially trained volunteers and staff to advocate on behalf of abused and neglected children

Our Partners in Charity


SalesStaff has provided support on an ongoing basis to an amazing organization in our community. The New Hope Youth Center furnishes a residence to Houston-area young men removed from unhealthy home situations.The SalesStaff team has aided the New Hope Youth Center in a number of ways, including:

  • Employee volunteer work days to help maintain and update the residence
  • Christmas gift drive where SalesStaff  team members ‘adopt’ a resident and provide from their wish lists
  • Financing remodeling projects for common areas
  • Furnishing Thanksgiving dinner for the residents
  • Donating computers and setting up a work area where residents can use the computers for schoolwork and leisure
  • Back-to-school clothing drive

SalesStaff’s Senior Director of Philanthropy & Corporate Programs, Bob Mason discusses some of the things we’ve been doing with the delightful boys and dedicated staff at the New Hope Youth Center

SureMeeting's Culture of Giving

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