For those tasked with supporting a channel of affiliates, distributors, and resellers, you’ve found the best solution for generating and distributing sales opportunities to your valued partners. While marketing materials and training are essential, what your channel partners truly crave is a pipeline full of prospects specifically interested in your solutions.
The concept is straightforward. You help them grow their business, and they will do the same for you.

Earn partner loyalty by feeding their sales funnel

Find. Prioritize. Distribute. SureMeeting has developed a systematic, technology-enabled process to make sales lead generation and distribution a snap – headache-free and efficient.

Uncover Opportunities

With SureMeeting’s demand generation services, we do the heavy lifting involved in market outreach – uncovering prospects that have an actionable need for your solution. We can help develop an effective channel development strategy for those wanting to:

  • Find net new business
  • Build existing territories
  • Profile the market and provide specific intelligence

Specific territories, industries, geographies… you tell us where to look and we’ll find your best sales prospects.

Prioritize and Distribute Opportunities

When it comes to prioritizing and distributing sales opportunities, the name of the game is efficiency and ease-of-use. With our proprietary technology platform, the method in which you deliver opportunities to your channel partners is completely up to you. We can facilitate any distribution mechanism you desire, including:

  • Feeding opportunities directly into your partners’ CRM
  • Allocating opportunities to you, so you can manage the distribution to your partners
  • Integrating our choice-based platform, where you (or your partners) can choose which prospects they would like to meet, with only a few clicks

Ultimately, the process is completely customized to your channel marketing model.