In today’s competitive market, your sales reps must be in front of prospective buyers as often as possible. One of the more ubiquitous methods companies employ is outbound B2B telesales also known as telemarketing outsourcing which if employ you’ll want to use a group of professionals. Setting B2B sales appointments through the telephone is time-consuming and a poor use of your sales professional’s time. Sales professionals are best utilized in the sales cycle and not before the sales cycle.

SureMeeting offers solutions to companies who wish to do better than just outsourcing B2B telesales and avoid the pitfalls that sometimes accompany the training, costs, timelines and lack of measurable results. If you outsource to us we will obtain actionable leads through includes B2B telemarketing outsourcing, SureMeeting is able to focus on advancing a company’s sales pipeline in a measurable and predictable mode. Our record speaks for itself. SureMeeting clients boast a 60 percent average for near-term and mid-term sales pipeline conversions. The industry standard is reported to be 35 percent.

While many companies look to insource B2B telesales to market their solutions to potential buyers, their in-house resources often fall short of accomplishing this goal. Some of the problems companies encounter when implementing B2B sales methods includes the lack of ability to add headcount or having a staff that is already stretched too thin.

SureMeeting can solve many of the problems with implementing a B2B telesales program and, at the same time, offer benefits such as:


  • No recruiting costs
  • No set-up costs
  • Experienced staff trained in more than 70 IT solutions and products
  • Production guaranteed
  • Pay-for-results and not time
  • Steady lead-flow
  • Guaranteed qualifications met for each prospect

We begin each Demand Generation program by structuring it to fit the messages you are trying to send, as well as your strategy and branding. We develop a marketing list of prospects modeled around your target market to reach Executive decision makers and introduce your solutions. Once we determine a fit, a meeting is scheduled with the prospect. Although we “sell the appointment, not the product” when creating sales leads, SureMeeting will represent your company with the utmost professionalism and excellence . We have audio recordings of all of our presentations are available providing the transparency you need to ensure your firm is always represented professionally and effectively.

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Companies Can Gain an Edge by Outsourcing B2B Telesales Functions

Managing a sales department is not easy. Effectively managing budgets, sales teams, and striving for sales lead and conversion improvement is a definite challenge for a lot of firms. However, a number of companies and sales departments are looking externally for sales assistance, especially with respect to the early stages of the sales pipeline. This is why telemarketing outsourcing companies are becoming an increasingly vital part of a number of a firm’s overall sales and revenue generation strategy.

B2B telesales must be executed effectively in order for any business to continue growing and remaining competitive in their respective industry. However, hiring and training personnel for B2B telesales can be risky and may not be able to produce acceptable returns for the amount of business capital invested. Without a doubt, a number of firms have lagged behind not because of superior solutions, but because of ineffective telesales teams. For those firms which are struggling with internal sales costs or a less-than-acceptable outbound outsourcing telemarketing service, there is a solution: telemarketing outsourcing. With specialized B2B telesales companies, a great deal of benefits and an edge over the competition can ultimately be gained.

Trained sales professionals from an established sales outsourcing telemarketing companies working on a pay-for-performance based system can help to mitigate costs, free up important sales department resources, and perhaps most importantly, lead to higher sales lead to opportunity conversion rates. This outsourcing telesales model is now being used by a number of firms large and small, and spanning a variety of industries. Needless to say, those companies who are hoping to stay ahead of the competition need to at least consider the tremendous benefits gained by partnering with a professional sales outsourcing firm such as SureMeeting.

If you are managing a B2B sales department or are otherwise making high-level sales decisions, then you should be sure to learn more about how outsourcing telesales functions can improve your firm’s chances of bringing on more clients, increasing revenue, and ultimately improving your bottom line. SureMeeting is one sales outsourcing company which can help your firm to improve its sales ROI. For more information regarding the high-quality demand generation solutions from SureMeeting, feel free to contact us directly via phone at (888) 591-8022 or email If you have any questions or are interested in moving forward with a outsourced telesales company that can drive new demand for your products or services then request a consultation today.