High-level executives receive cold calls every day from sales people trying to get their attention. SureMeeting’s approach to demand generation using cold-calling is research-based with the objective of uncovering opportunities paid for by appointment only. Once opportunities are identified, a lead nurturing approach begins with those prospects identified as actionable opportunities resulting in a warmer and better informed prospect meeting SureMeeting employs experts from the information technology field who are able to provide hi-tech demand generation for sales appointments with executives from companies who have a qualifying need for your product. Using our proprietary sales lead nurturing process, SureMeeting will deliver appointment setting services that will give your sales team a full schedule of potential prospects. We will examine your sales model closely and generate meetings in-person, via web demo, teleconferences or through webinars. The details of our Inside Sales Representative’s conversation with the warm prospect is provided, giving you additional leverage your sales team can use later in the buying cycle.

When SureMeeting implements a demand generation program for your company, it will contain your specific message, branding, and strategy. This way, if the lead is by appointment only, we can present them with the necessary information that will attract their interests for a sales appointment. If your team has to meet a sales appointment quota, we have the capabilities to fill up their schedule through the deployment of inside sales representatives. Once an appointment and qualified sales opportunities are discovered, we forward them to your sales team immediately. When we speak to executives and decision makers at companies who are potential buyers, our approach is conversational and designed to qualify their needs. We are there to sell the appointment, not the product; however, your company will be represented intelligently and they will have a positive sketch of what to expect from your product.

SureMeeting also works along industry verticals so the sales focus and marketing efforts are made more efficient. Whether it is finance, healthcare, technology, or manufacturing, we can present a tailor-made presentation to clients that meet their needs and who want to pay “by appointment only”.

Appointment setting companies that provide benefits like SureMeeting can give companies selling products a better advantage when trying to pitch products to companies that only talk by appointment only. There are no recruiting costs and production is guaranteed. We also fix all costs and provide you with a 30-day time to impact sales pipeline. Within 100 days, you can have guaranteed results. For more information on our pay “by appointment only” programs, contact SureMeeting today at (888) 591-8022 ×333 or email at

Let Sales Professionals Improve Your ROI Using A By Appointment Only Model

It’s not uncommon to find businesses with seemingly limitless potential, but because of a poor sales strategy, these businesses aren’t able to reach their full potential. Managing sales and by appointment only operations in a manner which is both effective and in a way that limits costs is much easier in theory than it is in practice, but reaching sales success without investing a great deal of money can be accomplished.

For a considerable number of companies, now seems to be a difficult period of time in terms of improving sales ROI. If your firm is struggling with soaring sales costs but without the benefit of bringing new clients on board, then your management team should explore how to effectively change course so that sales ROI can be dramatically improved. Your team should consider the benefits of utilizing a professional B2B appointment setting company that can engage by appointment only opportunities in a manner which limits costs, but also in a manner that improves overall demand generation for your B2B company. Such partnership opportunities have helped numerous firms to turn their sales numbers around, and there is no reason why your firm cannot also benefit from this strategic move.

B2B companies can drown as a result of high sales costs- HR costs including hiring and training, equipment cost, benefits, and other management costs can certainly have a sizable impact on the bottom line. However, by partnering with professional sales outsourcing companies that charge based on performance, costs can be reduced and better-controlled while the flow of IT sales leads can be increased.

Improve your company’s by appointment only ROI via strategic sales outsourcing partnerships! If your current sales strategy seems to be floundering, then now is the time to discover the immense benefits provided by sales outsourcing companies that specialize in IT demand generation. These companies generally only hire talented professional sales staff who are able to employ proven demand generation tactics and strategies which ultimately prove to be successful. If you would like to find out more regarding how strategic sales outsourcing partnerships can create success for your firm, simply continue to browse through the rest of the SureMeeitng website or contact us directly via phone or email.