All companies depend on their sales teams to reach and engage potential buyers at target companies. However, on the task of setting up appointments can require extensive data resources, prospecting tools and personnel time that are needed in other areas, especially for small companies with limited assets. SureMeeting has professional staff members recruited from top companies who are able to provide B2B demand generation resulting in sales appointments that lead to potential buyers in your sales pipeline. Using our sales leads nurturing process, we can fill your sales team’s schedule with highly qualified sales appointments. Some of the methods we utilize include in-person meetings with the decision makers of a company, teleconferences, web demo appointments and webinar attendees. Our appointment setting skills will benefit you greatly, providing you with real-time access to all important details relating to prospects, as well as audio recordings of Inside Sales Representative conversations with prospects.

Our staff members are experts who have sales experience in your field and are well equipped to explain, present and establish contact within a potential buyer’s company so you can talk straight to the decision makers. They have the expertise to structure your message and branding around a sales pitch that is professionally designed to garnish the attention of high-level executives. Our experts will gather the necessary information through a pre-start discovery process and obtain product intelligence, so they are well-prepared to conduct sales appointment activities and opportunity research. To guide us through the sales prospecting activity, we develop a tactical call plan and warm prospect list that is specifically designed for your company. We aim to sell the appointment, not your product; however, rest assured that the representation you receive from SureMeeting will be on the highest level of professionalism and our approach to executives is always conversational so we can determine what their needs are, design a “fit” and put our appointment setting skills to work.

There are many benefits to utilizing our demand generation sales appointment abilities. In addition, there is guaranteed production, a time to impact sales pipeline within 30 days, fixed costs, uninterrupted program staffing, and guaranteed results for 100 days of activity during your 100 day pilot.

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