SureMeeting can assist B2B companies that are seeking healthcare sales leads thanks to our successful medical lead generation and nurturing processes.  The healthcare industry has an increasing demand in for B2B products and services. The demand for solutions has increased in healthcare and companies that supply these services are reaping many benefits as a result using medical lead generation. However, it can be difficult to secure a meeting with top healthcare industry executives or even generate healthcare sales leads because of lack of headcount, budget limitations or not enough support from upper management. We have hired marketing and sales professionals from the healthcare industry who are capable of transcending through lead generation processes and obtaining conversations with prospects that lead to real opportunities for B2B clients. SureMeeting has experienced a 60 percent success rate in converting meetings into sales opportunities. Securing sales leads within the healthcare industry via our sales and marketing services has been a main staple of our business and we aim to achieve excellence in this area.

Outsourcing to SureMeeting for healthcare sales leads with our demand generation programs has several benefits attached to it. First, our “Pay for Performance” fee model is attractive because it ensures that your budget is only spent on results. When CEOs or Sales VPs come to us for solutions in securing healthcare sales leads, we provide them with predictable and measurable results that are designed to increase activity in their sales pipeline.

SureMeeting markets to the healthcare industry with specific targets such as:

  • Physician Clinics
  • Sole Practitioners
  • Hospitals
  • Labs & Research

Some of the solutions we have marketed for physician practices include:

  • Electronic Medical Records
  • Imaging Solutions
  • Medical Devices
  • Patient Education Solutions
  • Patient Billing Solutions
  • IT Managed Services

For hospitals, we have solutions for:

  • Healthcare Information Systems
  • Integrated Practice Management Solutions
  • Patient Revenue Systems
  • Imaging Solutions
  • Clinical Data Services
  • Telecom, Unified Communications and other technologies

For ambulatory and home healthcare, we provide solutions for:

  • Practice Management Systems
  • Scheduling Solutions
  • Patient Information Solutions
  • Healthcare IT and Unified Communications

In addition to these, SureMeeting has more B2B products and solutions that we have marketed to other similar healthcare verticals including Dental Imaging Solutions, Forensic Technologies and Veterinary Practices.

SureMeeting has the answers for generating healthcare sales leads for information technology companies that need to get their foot in the door. For more about our appointment setting services, contact us at (888) 591-8022, ext 333 or email

ARRA Legislation Does Not Automatically Mean Skyrocketing Healthcare Sales Leads For EHR Firms

The $789 billion American Recovery and Re-investment Act, also referred to as ARRA, which was signed into law in 2009 by President Barack Obama has been seen by many as being a potentially tremendous boon for Electronic Health Record (EHR) solutions firms. Within the stimulus package, there was legislation specifically intended to streamline the healthcare industry by providing healthcare providers with incentives if old paper-based legacy record systems were replaced by electronic health record systems.

ARRA legislation has therefore made it possible for IT firms that provide electronic health record systems to have improved chances for tremendous gains in sales. However, this ARRA legislation does not automatically mean skyrocketing healthcare sales leads for all EHR solutions firms. Although the opportunities for these firms have increased, there still remain a number of challenges which can still prohibit a great number of EHR solutions firms from reaching their full potential. Increased competition, poor management, and a lackluster sales strategy can all weigh heavily on an EHR solutions firm, and for some firms, the decision to partner with a sales outsourcing company that specializes in healthcare sales leads may be a way to bypass the challenges that still remain post-ARRA legislation.

Partnering with sales outsourcing companies that understand the healthcare industry can prove to be immensely beneficial for an EHR firm that is either not succeeding with internal sales strategies or is otherwise looking to increase healthcare sales lead opportunities while at the same time reduce costs associated with discovering and exploiting these opportunities. Partnerships with established sales firms can and do lead to success for EHR solutions firms, although it’s important to note that those EHR solutions firms that are serious about partnering with professional sales companies should take into consideration the experience, measurable results, and the knowledge regarding ARRA legislation of that potential sales partner.

There is no doubt that a tremendous amount of opportunity for EHR solutions firms exist as there still remain myriad healthcare providers that have yet to change their old legacy health record systems. Although tremendous opportunity exists, capitalizing on opportunity may mean partnering with professional IT sales outsourcing companies that have experience in improving healthcare sales leads for clients. If you would like to find out more about how your EHR firm can benefit from medical lead generation  and B2B sales outsourcing, then simply contact SureMeeting directly by phone or email, or else be sure to continue browsing through the rest of the SureMeeting website.