For a company to compete in today’s world, they need to be able to generate sales leads. However, with time and budget constraints, most companies find it difficult to focus on obtaining sales leads that eventually end up as a closed deal. Inside sales techniques can be the answer in a lot of cases, but in-sourcing them is not always the best option for companies, depending upon their situation. SureMeeting has the experience and business acumen to create actionable sales leads using our inside sales outsourcing services and it can result in  companies selling their products and services and other companies reaping the benefits.

SureMeeting employs professionals who come from different industries, so they are able to convey specific messages concerning managed services to high ranking executives in a manner that will spark their interest. We are able to secure these meetings using our proprietary lead nurturing process. In each demand generation program, we formulate a plan that coincides with your company’s message. We will examine your products and services in detail so our team can formulate a specific message and then communicate it to executives. Also, our team will converse with the warm prospect and record the conversation so you can have full disclosure on all important details pertaining to the sales pitch. Also, during our sales appointments activities, we implement a strategic call plan as well as a prospect list that guide us better for sales leads generation activities. Our goal when outsourcing B2B marketing services here in the USA is to implement appointment setting activities and then hand off to your sales team to actually sell the product. Regardless, we will present your product and/or services in an intelligent manner and secure a meeting with the decision makers who will determine if it is the best fit for them.

When you use our inside sales outsourcing services,. we will deploy our experienced B2B appointment setting staff after our pre-discovery process and you will have guaranteed production, guaranteed results within 100 days of activity,you have fixed costs, and see an impact on your sales pipeline within 30 days.

SureMeeting has the experience to generate solid managed services sales leads that will lead to growth for your company.

Businesses Looking for Quality Leads Rather Than Quantity of Leads Should Consider Inside Sales Outsourcing

When a business is looking for customers, what’s the use of having a highly-paid sales force gain leads if the leads are consistently low-quality? Undoubtedly, the business would much rather take quality over quantity.

Businesses that are unsatisfied with their sales force and who would rather take higher quality leads rather than a higher quantity of them should look into the benefits provided via inside sales outsourcing. Such outsourcing strategies continue to be useful for a number of firms and in virtually every industry out there. Although not all companies find ultimate success with outsourcing their inside sales functions, it can certainly be said that for those firms who partner with “proven” high quality inside sales outsourcing companies, higher quality leads are gained which do lead to sales and increased revenues.
Would it be more expensive to outsource? Certainly not. Controlling costs is one of the drivers of seeking outsourcing partners, but cutting costs by outsourcing without obtaining quantifiable results is not desirable. However, for firms that do partner with higher quality sales outsourcing companies, lower costs, and improved demand generation are often realized. While the costs of outsourcing vary, the structure of the costs should generally revolve around “pay for performance” in which a quota-based system will ensure partner integrity and a healthier partnership overall. Such a structure, especially coming from an established sales outsourcing firm with a track record of success will allow for not only high quantity of leads, but also much higher quality.

If your organization is looking for more quality in its demand generation, then you need to consider the benefits being offered by a high-quality sales outsourcing firm such as SureMeeting. Partnership with SureMeeting will no doubt help your sales department reach its true potential and in a manner which is not only efficient, but cost-effective To learn more about how securing sales leads through our inside sales outsourcing and B2B marketing services in the USA, contact us at (888) 591-8022 or email