IT Marketing Services


Sales teams that are trying to generate sales leads in a competitive market find it difficult at times to secure solid sales appointments. It takes time to invest in researching resources and obtaining the correct data that can increase a sales team’s chances of securing a sale from high-level IT company executives. SureMeeting can take the lead when it comes to setting up appointments with information technology companies through our superior IT marketing services. We put you in a position to pitch your product or services to the decision makers of IT companies that sometimes operate on a “by appointment only” schedule. We use a time-tested sales lead nurturing process that has successfully converted sales pipelines 65 percent of the time, which is above the industry standard. Our staff will focus on your specific message and branding and deliver this effectively to IT company executives who want to talk to people that can communicate clear and concise objectives in their own terms. SureMeeting has team members who have experience in the IT world and know what to say and how to say it when communicating with company executives of information technology companies.

When we implement our IT marketing services to generate sales appointments, SureMeeting will conduct detailed research on your product and formulate a call plan. We also put together a list of warm prospects with the idea of connecting you to the right executives with the highest chance of interest in your product and/or service. Our team will convey the main points in a professional manner and determine what their qualifying needs are, so when it comes time for your sales team to meet with the executives, you will have all the right tools to net a sale and place success in your hands.

SureMeeting is successful in getting results for B2B sales and we offer incentives such as our “Pay for Meeting” model structured for your prospect requirements as well as your budget. This ensures that your marketing funds are spent only on results, which is the bottom line for any company. SureMeeting’s IT marketing services come highly recommended by Sales VPs, Channel Executives, CEOs, and Marketing VPs who require actionable technology sales leads sales pipeline advancement solutions.

SureMeeting has the experience in IT marketing services that will lead to growth for your company. If you would like to learn more about appointment setting companies that net results for sales departments, talk to SureMeeting today. Contact us today at (888) 591-8022, Ext 333 or email