In today’s economic climate, managed marketing services is an intelligent option to business management. While the demand is high, marketing these services to prospects can be difficult unless the message is delivered in a clear and precise manner. Most of the time, it is just a matter of securing a meeting with the business owner to give you the opportunity to present your managed services model. If this is an area you are experiencing difficulty in due to a lack of headcount or other reasons, consider hiring one of the highest rated sales outsourcing companies in the United States, SureMeeting. We have staff members with the business acumen to convey your managed services solutions to top executives.

Managed services marketing with SureMeeting can lead to an increase in activity to your sales pipeline, which is vital to the existence of any information technology company. Our team of Inside Sales Representatives has experience in the IT field and is capable of qualifying prospects and presenting your solution resulting in an actionable opportunity meeting with the business owner or decision maker. Managed services coincide with the executive mindset that more can be done with less. It promotes growth and streamlines solutions more effectively. While the demand exists, getting executives to agree to a meeting is half the battle, especially in a competitive IT market. SureMeeting can utilize techniques that result in an acceleration of clients into your sales pipeline so you can spend less time cold calling and more time generating revenue. More than 66 percent of our meetings are considered actionable opportunities.

Managed services marketing to executives with SureMeeting will result in your sales schedule being filled to its maximum. Our proprietary managed services sales leads nurturing process is designed to fit around your sales model and can generate:

  • In-person Meetings
  • Qualified Prospects
  • Local Marketing of your Company
  • Guaranteed Decision Maker Contacts

As soon as the sales appointment is scheduled, SureMeeting provides you with the details of the conversation. Giving you additional insight into the prospect and organization – so you can complete the sale and close the deal in confidence.

Creating and executing managed services marketing plans can result in dependable lead generation which allows you to forecast ROI as well as revenue over a period of time enabling your company to experience steady and consistent growth. SureMeeting can hone in on vertical-specific markets to leverage experiences and testimonials to prospects in similar markets. We can provide a quality list of technology sales leads and secure meetings that could result in new clients for you.