Sales Appointments and Demand Generation for B2B companies

Sales appointments geared to sales teams give strategic access to corporate buying authority, budget sales intelligence, and information on existing infrastructure and applications in use. In an industry that is constantly changing and moving forward, companies need to focus their ideas and talents on producing solutions that will meet the present and future demands of the major industries (which can include anything from technology to energy to manufacturing). Generating sales appointments is a function of the sales process that can be insourced or outsourced; however, it is difficult for companies to train, recruit, guarantee production or to have results for time to impact sales pipeline or know what the results are after a certain amount of time. All of these are vital in assisting a company to be successful in promoting and selling their products. SureMeeting is a great choice among lead generation companies and has the answers that companies need for quick go-to-market strategies and will use their professional expertise to provide demand generation of sales appointments result in sales pipeline expansions of more than 50% in less than 90-days. We have sales and marketing experts who are knowledgeable about generating sales leads and can explain your product in a way that will attract the interests of other companies while qualifying buyers to determine if their timing and budget are a “fit” for your sales model.

As part of our collaboration, our experts will use their experience to research and structure your value proposition and the messaging for your branding. We will also invent a strategic call plan that is geared toward generating warm, qualified prospects not using a call center. While we do not sell the product, we will sell the appointment, which literally gets your foot in the door to companies that will be interested in what your product can do for them.

When you have to in-source sales leads generation, there could be costs induced and time spent on recruiting and training a staff that can effectively present the product in the correct manner as well allowing for learning curves for any new recruits. There could also be staff turnover costs, the total costs per lead/per sales can fluctuate and there is no guarantee of production. However, SureMeeting has developed a transparent delivery model for sales appointments that has an experienced staff that is ready to deploy. You’ll also have guaranteed production, uninterrupted staffing of your program and fixed costs during your program. Your 100-day pilot will also include a 100-day time to impact sales pipeline, and guaranteed results within 100 days of activity. Proof of Prospect Qualification is provided with each scheduled sales appointment through portal access to audio recordings of our prospect presentations.

More than 10,000 executive-level sales appointments are scheduled annually for industries including:

SureMeeting has the experience to convey a clear understanding to executives about complex products thanks to our experts. There is no need for a script, telemarketing center or a cold call center. For more information about using SureMeeting’s B2B demand generation services to get sales appointments for your company, contact us at (888) 591-8022, Ext 333 or email