Generating technology sales leads is tough in today’s fast-paced world due to a saturated market that has many competing businesses trying to obtain potential buyers for their products and services. Sometimes, a company has a small budget, a short staff and limited resources, thus making it nearly impossible to spend the time and money it takes to obtain technology sales leads. SureMeeting are experts at setting up sales appointments for the top technology executives and decision makers by implementing our unique lead nurturing processes that are designed to deliver your specific message, positioning and branding.

We will start by gathering information and product intelligence with your company in order to conduct opportunity research and implement our appointment setting activities. In addition, a calling plan is formulated along with a list of warm prospects to guide us toward obtaining solid technology sales leads and appointments. Our team consists of professionals who have backgrounds in the information technology world, so they are capable of speaking the language technology corporate executives need to hear in order to peak their interests and set up an appointment with your sales team. Your company will be represented with intelligence and professionalism and our staff members have the ability to speak to high ranking members of a company in a manner they will understand. Determining what the qualifying needs are is another important element when generating technology sales leads. We can determine this by using conversational techniques that convey your message to these executives and result in a successful generation of an appointment.

Results are the bottom line when generating technology sales leads. SureMeeting realizes this and, to give companies a better incentive, we offer a “Pay for Meeting” model that is structured around your prospect requirements and budget thus ensuring your company’s marketing funds are spent strictly on results. When CEOs, Sales VPs, Channel Executives and Marketing VPs are seeking actionable technology sales leads for the advancement of their sales pipeline, they come to SureMeeting for solutions. We provide them with measurable results for information technology sales leads that that convert into the sales pipeline more than 65% of the time.

More than 10,000 executive-level IT sales appointments are scheduled annually for products and services including:

  • Virtualization
  • Storage Solutions
  • Software
  • Custom Development
  • Managed Services
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Computing
  • IT Security
  • SaaS

Utilizing IT sales lead and demand generation services from SureMeeting can greatly benefit companies in need of technology sales leads. Production is guaranteed, the costs are fixed “per-meeting” and results are guaranteed. For more information on appointment setting for technology sales leads with SureMeeting, contact us today at (888) 591-8022, Ext 333 or email