Let us find actionable B2B sales opportunities for you to close.

Our inside sales team will fill your sales team’s schedule with highly-qualified sales appointments. Depending on your sales model, SureMeeting will generate in-person meetings, web demo appointments, teleconferences, or event attendees.

As soon as we are active in our B2B appointment setting, you’ll have real-time access to all the details of the prospect’s conversation with the Inside Sales Representative.


Each B2B appointment setting program is structured around your unique messaging, strategy, and branding. A pre-start Discovery is conducted with your company to gather the necessary information and product intelligence needed to conduct opportunity research and sales appointment setting activities. A strategic marketing plan and prospect list is created for your company and will become the guiding tools for our sales prospecting activity. Our mission is to “sell the appointment, not the product”, however, we believe it is critical that we represent your company intelligently on each call. Our approach with decision makers is conversational and designed to qualify needs, determine fit, and schedule the appointment.

Inside sales representatives are exclusively deployed on behalf of your program and the number of staff is based on the coverage needed to achieve your sales appointment quota. All scheduled sales appointments and qualified sales opportunities uncovered by the inside sales team are immediately forwarded to your sales team.

One of the most efficient means of focusing sales and marketing efforts is along industry verticals, such as finance, healthcare, technology, or manufacturing. Tailored to the needs of each client, we assemble and manage teams of sales professionals to perform focused, high-level inside sales lead generation programs and B2B appointment setting.

SureMeeting only employs experienced inside sales representatives who were recruited from complex-sale industries. Our representatives have a minimum of 3 years of sales experience, with most averaging 7 years. All B2B sales representatives are experienced and well-versed at communicating in a complex-sales environment with CxO and VP-level executives.


B2B Appointment Setting Outsourcing Benefits

  • Rapid deployment of ready resources and experienced representatives
  • New lead flow is consistent and qualified
  • Sales pipeline is rapidly expanded
  • Salesperson morale is increased along with individual productivity
  • Salespeople have increased time to drive prospects through the sales cycle to a close

Get Started

Contact us for details or request pricing to receive a custom proposal from a Program Expert outlining a 100 Day Pilot exclusively geared to your B2B sales goals, target market, and sales qualifiers.