SureLead offers pre-qualified and actionable B2B sales leads. If your organization is looking for phone-screened Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) to optimize the time and talent of your inside sales team, SureLead can generate leads on a pay-per-lead basis.

If your product/solution price-point doesn’t support sufficient ROI with traditional Sales Lead Prospecting Programs, or you need a prequalified list of prospects, consider SureLead for inside or outside sales teams. This B2B lead generation program features outbound calls and lead qualification to identify qualified opportunities in your target sector. SureLead will proactively reach your target market with live conversations that result in interested prospects that raise their hands and are eager to hear more from your company.

Our sales personnel are grouped by industry experience, including hi-tech, B2B service industries, and healthcare and are experts at B2B lead generation and finding the best sales leads in your market.


For each qualified SureLead, our team of Inside Sales Representatives will:

  • Present your solution, deliver brand messaging, and screen for prospect interest
  • Identify and verify that the prospect is a decision-maker for your solution
  • Probe with a series of qualifying questions crafted during our exploratory discovery and setup process with your company
  • Identify that the prospect wants sales to follow up via phone or email
  • Seamlessly transition the prospect to your sales team upon identifying interest, decision authority, and other qualifying specifics unique to your sales strategy


This SureLead program creates actionable B2B sales leads that are pre-qualified for interest, decision authority, and target market demographics, and have agreed to receive follow-up information from your sales team to include a call-back or email. The results of our innovative lead generation programs are B2B sales leads which can be nurtured and converted to appointments for your sales funnel with an interest in purchasing your products or services.