You may have a dynamite solution, but unless you can target your prospects accurately and with proper timing, it’s like having a missile and not knowing where to aim it. SureMeeting employs an expert team of market research specialists who uncover actionable market intelligence on specific companies interested or in need of your solution. SureMeeting’s ProspectID program will guide you to the precise targets you’re seeking to sell to.

SureMeeting’s ProspectID team will phone-screen raw data or incoming leads from marketing campaigns to score and clean each prospect record. We conduct marketing-neutral inquiries into your target market, specifically designed to gather vital information that allows your sales team to prioritize their time with actionable opportunities and close more business.


The ProspectID program is designed for online form-fill follow-up, media campaign inquiries, trade show leads, whitepaper downloads, and raw contact data. From there, we will collect answers to key qualification-oriented questions customized to your marketing strategy that may include:

  • Scoring for Budget, Authority, Need, and Timeframe
  • Detailed Decision-Maker contact information (name, position, direct phone, email address, physical location, etc.)
  • What technology solution is currently installed within the organization
  • When is the contract renewal date for current technology solutions
  • In what timeframe will the prospect be reviewing other solutions
  • Would the prospect be open to considering upgrading, switching, or investing in a better technology solution
  • Size of user base (how many PCs, servers, end-users, licenses, etc.)

Just about any identifiable unit of crucial information can be included in a ProspectID program. Our research specialists are interviewing influencers and decision-makers, and delivering a real-time profile of market intelligence about your prospects. Most ProspectID programs are offered on a pay-per-lead basis (you pay a set fee for each completed contact record). Depending upon the size and scope of your prospect universe and the marketing strategy, SureMeeting will model your program for pay-for-performance pricing and provide a Statement of Work supporting your project requirements.