Reach Your Sales Appointment Setting Goals

Pay for performance appointment setting can jump-start your Sales Pipeline. A 100-Day Pilot will offer your company the opportunity to build a sales pipeline with our sales meetings, monitoring of conversion rates, forecast ROI and provides ample data and results to determine the viability of a permanent partnership with SureMeeting.

  • Various meeting volume options
  • Custom lead modeling according to your marketing plan
  • Pay-Per-Meeting pricing
  • Pay for performance provides for a guarantee of qualified meetings with qualified prospects

Your 100 Day Pilot will be designed to include a strategic lead nurturing plan for your solution, custom-built marketing database, experienced Inside Sales Reps dedicated to your program from beginning to end, and much more. Our Inside Sales Reps are trained in many industries and are experts in market expansion. After you’ve used the pipeline conversion rate calculator above, contact us to start your 100-Day Pilot.

Sales Calculator

Find out what you need to accomplish your sales goals

Additional Annual Sales Revenue Goal $
Average Amount Per Sale $
Average Sales Team Close Rate %
Sales Appointments Needed per Month
Sales Appointments Needed per Year