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According to statistics aggregator Statista, worldwide CRM software revenue swelled to $23 billion in 2014 from just $16 billion in 2011. In terms of percentage growth, that’s a massive increase of 44% over that time period. When we’re talking about revenue in the billions, if a single company realized 44% growth, it would be extraordinary to say the least. When an entire industry vertical increases its revenue by 44% though, it’s a paradigm shift.

Why is CRM software so in-demand?

Business management software applications generally offer one of two benefits (or both):

  • The ability to do things faster
  • The ability to do things smarter.

Any business can convert an extemporaneous sales management approach into a data-driven system of continual sales development, with the right KPIs in place. This whitepaper identifies the KPIs and report views that B2B sales teams should have on their dashboard.

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