Humans are visual creatures. We love infographics for the same reason you do; they’re an incredible vehicle to get information in a graphically appealing format.

We’ve compiled 100 of the best B2B sales and marketing infographics from around the web, including:


  • 30 LinkedIn Social Selling Triggers
  • 5 Productivity Tips from Incredibly Busy People
  • The Definitive Guide to Influencing People Over the Phone
  • The Personality of the Perfect Salesperson
  • How to Make Better Sales Calls
  • What to Do When Leads Go Cold
  • Countless Conversations – The Ultimate Phone and Email Sales Strategy
  • Common Phrases Salespeople Use to Kill the Sale and How to Fix it
  • 3 Types of Post-Purchase Emails
  • Anatomy of a Terrible Cold Sales Email
  • …and 90 more!

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